July 15-19

9 am-12pm

At Miraculous Mission VBS, your children look into the Bible, God’s Holy Word, and discover God’s miraculous mission to save you, me, and the whole world! The Bible accounts of God’s mission for us share how God made the universe; His promise of a Savior to Abram; the birth of Jesus, our Savior; Jesus’ death and resurrection; and Jesus’ ascension.

Each VBS session starts at Miraculous Mission Opening, where the children gather with their Team Leader and the other kids in their Teams (small groups). They sing, hear God’s Word, pray, see the Opening Theme Video, find out more about your Mission Project, review the memory verse, and learn the day’s Take-Home Point.

After the Opening, the Teams head off to five rotation sites for Storytelling, Bible Challenge, Snacks, Games, and Crafts. Finally, everyone comes back together at Miraculous Mission Closing for music, prayer, and a wrap-up with the Closing Theme Video. Before they go, kids get a God’s Mission Collectible to help them share the day’s theme and Bible verse with their friends and family.

To register just download the registration form and get it back to us. You can email it to 

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