Online Lutheran Resources

Podcasts, blogs, and websites to help bolster a Lutheran, Christian worldview.

LCMS Website ( Our Synod’s website features this helpful page detailing our views on various areas of doctrine, practice, social issues, etc.  The “What About” series from a few decades ago can be found here.


Issues, Etc. ( Issues, Etc. started out as a broadcast radio program in 1998, but now operates as a podcast.  The host, the Rev. Todd Wilken, interviews a wide variety of guests—pastors and professors, laymen, Lutheran and non-Lutheran. Topics range from Lutheran doctrine, to worship, social issues, pop culture trends, current events, defense of the faith, etc.  You could tune in randomly, or search their extensive archives for a specific topic.


Lutherans for Life


A Word Fitly Spoken ( A podcast produced by some Lutheran pastors (I occasionally contribute), dedicated to presenting the truth of the Bible and Lutheran faith clearly, practically, and without apology.


A Brief History of Power ( In-depth analysis of history and current events from a Biblical, Lutheran perspective for the sake of gaining the wisdom we need to live as Christians here and now in these challenging times.


Luther Classical College produces Christian Culture (  Essays on theology, history, culture, and current events, with an eye toward preserving and strengthening Christian culture.  LCC also offers a podcast by the same name:


Pastor Bryan Wolfmueller (


Lutheran Center for Religious Liberty (


The Gottesdienst Crowd podcast ( Focuses largely on the historic liturgy, while also touching issues pertaining to culture, Christian witness, and practical theology.


FlaneurRecord ( A vast video assortment of Lutheran presentations, conferences, sermons, etc.


Matthew Cochran, the 96th Thesis ( Salient commentary on current trends in society and the church.  Fantastic analysis of critical theory and other woke fads.