Sunday Mornings 9:30 am

nullJoin us each Sunday morning at 9:30 as we learn about the Holy Spirit, Holy Baptism and the meaning of Jesus’ death and resurrection.  We will see how the Old Testament Laws (Law of Moses) is no longer applicable to us today.  The two primary apostles mentioned in Acts are Peter and Paul.  We will see Peter’s early evangelism work there in Judea.  We will travel with St. Paul on his three missionary journeys.  We will also be with him as he goes to Rome to stand before the Caesar, seeking justice concerning charges brought against him by the Jews there in Judea.

Adult Information Class: Basics of Christianity
Saturday's 9:30 am

The Adult Information Class a Bible Study on the basics of Christianity.  It is a safe, non-threatening environment to learn about the meaning and importance of Jesus Christ and the teachings of the Christian church.  Questions are encouraged.  Here is the opportunity to have your questions answered concerning the spiritual/religious aspects of life.  There is no obligation to join Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran.  I promise you an enjoyable and beneficial learning experience.